QRPme Update

The Contact Us email link is NOT working! Please email direct to w1rex 'at' megalink 'dot' net.
QRPme does NOT acknowledge every individual order. Paypal sends an acknowledgement email to both the Buyer and to QRPme.

If you have specific delivery questions or requirements, please send me an Email!
Rex Harper W1REX w1rex 'at' megalink 'dot' net

February 1, 2015 I have an appointment tomorrow morning to pick up a batch of enclosures for the new kits: Rock Topper Amp and Z-Rock ATU. I still have to engrave them... I bought a nice laser engraver and have it installed in the shop now. I hope to get up and running, engraving Rockmite enclosures, and have kits ready to ship by the end of the week.