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EXCITED about the Boxboro buildathon kit! It is something I've been thinking of adding to my kit lineup for several years.. It is a paddle kit featuring a built-in keyer chip from HamGadgets. Check out the link button at the TOP LEFT of this page...Limerick Paddles w/Keyer.
August 24, 2015

The summer season has been a busy one for QRPme!

Went on a trip to NYC to see my daughter Katie sing in Carnegie Hall.
(Made a little report on my trip in case you might be interested....NYC Adventure)

Then there was Lobstercon! Worked hard to make it another great one...and it was! Perfect weather, great batch of Lobsterconners and some SUPER lobster! A great time was had by all...

Brainstorming trip to Washington State was like a vacation for me...but of course, another week of NOT being in the shop working on orders...

Quick trip into the DEEP Maine woods to help a friend with an electronics problem that has been on the back burner for 5 years or so..

And my last comittment of the summer, a presentation AND Buildathon session at the New England Regional Convention at Boxboro last weekend. Put together a forum presentation on Kitbuilding Techniques AND a special Buildathon session. We built a brand new QRPme kit that has been rattling around in my noodle for quite some time. Had to take some time off from kitting to layout the board and put the session together. Both the forum and Buildathon were well received.

FDIM 2015 Buildathon kit status:
Finally got both versions of the frequency counter software coexisting in the same micro. Just need to put the finishing touches on the jumper technique to select which version to run. Should be FINALLY shipping the buildathon kits this week.

Rockmite][, Rock Topper & Z-Rock ATU enclosures:
Engraving process is still problematic. I engraved 14 enclosures a week ago but only 6 were deemed suitable for shipping. Failure rate is way to high. Building a NEW holding jig to make sure the registration between burning and curing is dead nuts on. It ain't now so the enclosures come out with fuzzy lettering. Hope to have a new jig made by midweek so I can FINALLY ship those kits by the weekend too.

Tuna Can Kits:
I've kitted almost ALL the different tuna can kits, canned them, added labels and got them back on the shelf. Toppers and Helpers are out due to lack of boards but should have boards in in about 10 days.

MePad, MeSquares & MeTubes panels, Toroid EZ tools and SBSS solder bots are ALL back in stock.

My summer commitments and traveling are now over. I'm back in the shop for the remainder of August and September. I will be working hard to get orders out the door now..