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July 3, 2015
Went on a small adventure to NYC to be there when my daughter sang with her chorus, Musica de Filia, in Cargnegie Hall last Friday night. I then wandered the streets of the 'City That Never Sleeps' ala 'On the Town' (short 1 taxi, 2 friends, 2 girls and Miss Turnstile) until I can caught my bus back to Maine Saturday morning.
Made a little report on my trip in case you are interested....NYC Adventure

QRPme wil be quasi-CLOSED for the month of July!
Hosting Lobstercon is a BIG deal for me and usually eats up the 1st couple of weeks in July.
It takes a couple of days to recover and put everything away...
Right after that, I am taking off to the great State of Washington
Going to do some brainstorming with a friend. I'll be gone for most of a week.
So July will be VERY busy and I won't be around much.
With what time I do have available, I will be concentrating of packing and shipping existing orders! Eliminating orders from the backlog will be my top priority. New orders will be shipped if they are easy and time is available....otherwise, I'll be back in full swing at the beginning of August.

FDIM 2015 Buildathon kit status:
I wrote the RS232 Frequency Counter software years ago... but finished the LCD version software only last week. Merged the two programs together resulting in 825+ lines of code BUT 368 ERRORS! Worked the last couple of days whittling down the errors and finally got them down to ZERO enabling the program to compile..hope to get it fully debugged this weekend with kits FINALLY shipping beginning of next week.

Rockmite][, Rock Topper & Z-Rock ATU enclosures:
Finally able to engrave the powder coated enclosures with my CO2 laser. Not 100% happy with the fonts available in the laser software but will have to make due with what is available now. I have a request into the laser company to come up with a solution for a heavier font. I WILL be engraving enclosures this weekend instead of lighting firecrackers! I should have Rockmite][ orders containing enclosures in the mail before I head out to Lobstercon...

Tuna Can Kits:
Last week, I kitted most of the tuna can kits, canned them and added labels. I'm low on pcbs for Tuna Helpers & Toppers but more boards are on order.

MePads, MeSquares & MeTubes panels are on the shelf Toroid EZ tools are in stock but still waiting for SBSS pcb holders from the machine shop. Should be able to clear those orders by next week too.